Sep 10, 2011

2 Ways to Refill Lysol Soap Dispenser Quick and Easy.

I got several Lysol Soap Dispensers free with coupons a few weeks ago.  I was looking for a way to refill it to save money.  I have found two ways that work well.

This method requires a drill.

 This is my method of choice.  A quick fix with a butter knife!

If you happen to get some free or cheap bar soap you can make your own liquid soap to refill it!  Check out Savvy Housekeeping for a liquid hand soap recipe and how to! 


Kim Carletto said...

The video of using a butter knife to pop off the top of the Lysol no touch refill and fill with affordable soap is genius!! Thank You So Much.

Kim Carletto said...

Thank you for the money saving way to fill up the Lysol no touch dispenser. My husband and I were brainstorming a way to do it without tearing up the dispenser. You rock!!

Kim said...

Thank You for your ingenious way to fill up the Lysol no touch dispenser at an affordable price. I would have never thought of using a butter knife to pop off the top. YOU ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you. I live in Egypt and I found the dispenser and refills at the grocery store. I thought it was perfect for my six year old who gets messy. Didn't look at the price tag until I got home and was shocked that it cost $25 and the refills $9. There is not a whole lot of soap in the bottles and the refills are no longer available in the store. I immediately thought to refill with cheaper soap but the lid doesnt screw off. I thought about a butter knife and was planning to try as soon as the bottle is empty. THanks for the demonstration. I am happy to know that I will not have to buy 10 bottles every trip back home to California! YAY!