Aug 7, 2007

Chore Ideas for small children

This topic has came up often when talking to other work at home moms. Many moms seem unsure about chores that are appropriate for their young children. My older kids are 3 and 4 and they both have chores. I feel that it is important to start early and build good habits. Children who are raised having daily chores learn responsibility. So what chores are acceptable for what age? Her is a list of some suggested chores for 2 to 5 year olds.

2-3 year olds

1. Make their bed with help

2. Clean their own room

3. Bring in the newspaper or mail

4. Keep pillows straightened on the sofa

5. Empty small wastebaskets into a larger one

6. Help pick up trash out of the yard

7. Wipe surfaces with a sponge


4-5 year olds

1. Help clear table and load dishwasher

2. Put toys away

3. Set table for dinner

4. Sweep floors

5. Water plants

6. Water and feed pets

7. Help put groceries away

8. Dust

9. Straighten books on shelves

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Rebecca said...

I fully agree. It's important to teach kids to contribute to the household & have responsibility. My son is 3 and thinks it's fun to help. I'm working with him to pick up his toys when he's done playing, keeping his room clean, help me dry the floor after mopping, and putting dishes in the dishwasher {with my help}. If he wants to help with something I'm doing but isn't old enough than I give him a cloth to 'clean' things.