Sep 28, 2007

Challenge #2

Time to tackle the bathroom.
Keep a caddy under the sink with all the supplies that you need. You will save lots of time by having everything you need in one place.
A good list of things to keep in your caddy includes
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Toilet brush
Soft Scrubbing Cleaner
Air Freshener
Glass Cleaner
Bathroom Cleaner or Wipes
Sponges, Paper Towels, Cleaning Cloths
Silver or Metal Polish
1. Pour some toilet clean or bleach in the toilet but do not clean it.
2. Start by gathering all dirty clothes and throwing it in the hamper.
3. Throw any trash laying around into the trash can and remove the bag. You can put several bags in the can and just grab out the full one. You have a new one waiting under it.
4. Wipe down the tub and sink area with a disinfectant wipe. This should not take long if you keep the tub fairly clean. If you tub is really and do a through cleaning then learn to stay on top it. The key is to not let things get out of hand to begin with
5. Grab the toilet brush and clean the inside of the toilet. Use wipes to clean the outside, seat, and etc.
6. Clean the mirror
7. Grab any items that do not belong in the bathroom and put them in a box or bag. You can keep a nice basket in the bathroom to hold these items as they accumulate. I suggest stashing it in a cabinet because no one wants to see your clutter.
8. Put everything that belongs in the bathroom in it's proper place. It also helps to teach you family to put it back there when they are done using it. ;)
9. Sweep and Mop.
10. Spray some air freshener.
Breathe!!! You just cleaned your bathroom and burned quite a few calories.


Anonymous said...

I think I can handle this. I will let you know how long it took me.


Fly On the Wall said...

Now timing for this is right on, it took 15 minutes for the kids' bath, and 8 minutes for the main half bath. Will have to time the master bath later...

Anonymous said...

Another great time saver- Making the teens clean their own dang bathroom! LOL!

Alexandria said...

This one took me awhile to complete. But that's thanks to my littlest monster who decided to have a screaming fit. Grrrr ....

Looks awesome now though lmao.