Sep 13, 2007

Goodbye chickens, Hello kitchen makeover.

When we bought our house in April the first thing that had to go was the kitchen full of roosters. I am okay with chickens but the chicken wire on the wall and huge chicken border was was not working for me. If I was going to cook in this kitchen it was time for a major kitchen makeover.

The top of the cabinets to the celing was covered in chicken wire. Who in the world hangs chicken wire on their walls? This was a first for me!!


This was my inspiration for my kitchen makeover. I thought about the baby blue walls but I could not bring myself to paint my kitchen walls that color.

We started with a nice clean surface. The chicken border came down and so did that crazy chicken wire. I textured the walls and painted them white.

The next chore was to tackle those horrible floors. I will never understand why anyone would put carpet in the kitchen. We went with a nice peel and stick tile that looks like wood. We still have a few left to put in on the bottom right of the next picture.

So it is almost done. I took a trip to a flea market and bought lots of mix matched plates in blue and white. I also made some blue and white curtains to hang. I sewed a plain panel and up a piece of fabric down the front and back. I used those two pieces to tie a bow when I want them open. I can untie the bow and the curtains will be down. I actually like the way they look up though. I still have a little more work to do but I really like the way it is coming along.


Anonymous said...

Looking good. What about painting an accent wall light blue? Like maybe the plate wall?

Alexandria said...

It looks wonderful! And yes, who in the world puts chicken wire in their kitchen??