Sep 20, 2007

Halloween props - Making a Tombstone

This year I plan to have faux cemetery in my front yard for Halloween. My first step was to make the tombstones. There are many different materials that can be used to make them including Styrofoam, cardboard, but I will be using wood. The wood that I used is all old wood from remodeling my house. This is a great way to recycle it.
I started with a piece of wood. I like the shape of it so there was no need for me to cut it. You can use a jigsaw or hand saw and cut the shape that you would like out of the wood.

I used black, white , and silver spray paint to give it a aged look. You could also use textured spray paint. they make everything from marble to crackle paint.

The next step was to paint on a epitaph. I used a small paint brush and black & white paint. I also added a few lines to make it have a cracked look.

Halloween Epitaphs

Every tombstone needs an epigraph. They can be funny or a little scary depending on your mood. These are a few of my favorites.

Here lies Ben, whose life was full, Until he tried to milk a bull

Here lies the body of my sweet sister; She was just fine 'til Dracula kissed her

Do Not Disturb

Here lies poor Uncle Tor, He just couldn't take it anymore

B.A. Ghoul

I told you I was sick.

Here lies the body Of Margaret Bent She kicked up her heels And away she went.

"Hey y'all…watch this!"

This Space for Rent

I was Fred And now I'm dead!

Halloween Prop Vandal

Rest in Pieces

H. Dumpty"I was pushed!"

Barry R. Bones

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Alexandria said...

Ah that's awesome!!!

Now you need to make a post about crafts for Kids for Halloween :P