Oct 18, 2007

Hot Crafting Ideas - Marble Magnets

Marble magnets seem to be the new hot thing to make right now. I tried them out and thing they are just too cute. It is a wonderful way to use small scraps of scrap booking paper. You can also cut images out of magazines or print them off the net.
Supplies for making marble magnets
Glue that dries clear.
Flat bottom, clear marbles

Cut a piece of paper to fit on the back of the marble

Put a bead of glue on the flat side of the marble

Glue the image on, image side up

Press firmly to remove air bubbles

Allow to dry

Glue a magnet on the back

I call these The Vintage Collection. I used scrap booking paper that I got in the Target dollar section. It was 12 pieces for a dollar.

These makes a wonderful Christmas Gift. It is easy enough that even children can do it.

If you have made a set of these email me or leave me a comment. I would be happy to post your picture and a link to your website.

Suzie. :)


Rebecca said...

I've thought about making some of these, I already have the marbles & paper so I should get the glue give it a shot. 12 pieces of paper for $1?? I'm going there today and hope I can find that in my dollar aisle.

mayieve said...

Really cool! :P I'm trying right away!

Wendy said...

I tried this the other day and unfortunately ran into two minor problems... lol. Leave it to me to encounter difficulty on such a simple craft!

Anyway, the flat marbles I started with were not clear enough and the magnets I bought are not strong enough!

I'll be trying this craft again and when I do, I'll share the results on my blog for all to see.

Thanks again for sharing this great craft idea! I'm thinking about making a set of magnets for gift giving this Christmas. :)


Kathy said...

Hi! I'm making some for Chrismas presents using old books... www.myluckychicken.typepad.com

Boni D said...

I'm making these right now! just wanted to compare my designs with some on the web, and it's been fun. they always turn out so nice.

I got the 'super strong' round magnets from the craft store as well as the adhesive backed strips of the thinner magnet that comes in a small roll. I also got small, round mirrors that have dull edges, and i'm going to throw some magnet backs on those and mix them in with the marble ones in the gift.