Nov 13, 2007

The Ultimate Trash to Treasure

There is a couple of ladies who live in Lakin, Kansas who bring all new meaning to the words trash to treasure. They are know as the garbage queens. They can take junk and make the cutest things out of it. Lisa who is a school teacher jokes about people dropping misc junk off in her class room. They make the most darling benches out of old headboards. In their spare time they go to craft shows to sell their creations. My husband and I are fortune to get to see them this time of year. We are always happy to have a booth right beside them.

Here is some of their work

They make many items out of old barn wood.

This cute box was repainted with the woods theme. How cute is that?!?

Old windows get a new life with a little wood in the panes and some cute snowmen painted own.

Who knew an old beat up bucket could be so cute? I love their handpainted snowmen. If you look the bucket is sitting on one of the bences made out of recycled material.

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Rebecca said...

What crafty, creative & resourceful ladies!