Oct 29, 2008

Super Cute Halloween Treats

I was looking for an awesome Halloween treat for my children's classrooms. I would usually make something myself but this year I do not have the time. I did not have to look very far. My aunt was making and selling decorated Tootsie Pops to make extra cash for Christmas. When I saw her darling creations I could not say no! They are going to be perfect for sending to school with the kids.
Fisherman. Cat, and Frog

SuperBoy, and a Scarecrow

Butterfly and Lil Devil

Batman and the One Eyed Monster

Pirate Pumpkin and A Wizard ( Harry Potter?)

A With and an Angel

Purple Cat and Another Wizard

1 comment:

Jerri said...

Those are so cute! The cat's my favorite, and I like the wizard & the green eyed monster too. Those are a lot better than the "tissue ghost suckers" we used to make.