Oct 24, 2008

The Top 10 Christmas Gifts

The Top 10 Natural and/or Unique Christmas Gifts

The ordinary run-of-the-mill Christmas presents are being replaced more and more with gifts that are truly unique in nature. Handmade, or natural gifts, have not only become a very common site underneath the tree, but they have also provided a new stream of creative thinking and innovation in gift giving. With Christmas soon to be upon us, shops and stores are already building their inventories up for the pending holiday season. If you are looking for some eco friendly and skin safe products, look up:

1) Think about a gift from Mother Nature for Mom. Let her enhance her beauty with Beauty from the Earth's Basic Mineral Makeup Kit. The kit features 1-30 gram container of her choice of mineral foundation and 1-30 gram container of the mineral veil of her choice. Available at Beauty From The Earth (www.beautyfromtheearth.com).

2) Pamper her with Beach Mineral Bath. This will refresh and revitalize her skin, this mineral bath employs both calcium and kelp powders that will enable you to enjoy a thoroughly nourishing and relaxing soak in the tub. The 16oz. container is available in Awapuhi Seaberry). , Rice Flower & Shea, and Sun & Sand fragrances. Available at Touch of Nature (www.touchofnaturebathandbody.com

As with the last 10-12 holiday seasons, the consumer electronics industry has been the leader of the pack for Christmas gift ideas, and this year won't be any different. On the top of the list again is the video game market goodies, but this year there is a new twist to add to the mix - Microsoft's Zune.

3) Move over Apple iPod, here comes Microsoft Zune. Zune is the latest rage in digital music and is a brand of digital media players and services sold by Microsoft. Along with the Zune Marketplace and Zune Software, this is Microsoft is sure to take a lead in the market with this item. (www.zune.net)

4) Nintendo Wii Sports is the hot ticket for video game consoles this year. The video game console focuses on interactive play with five major professional sports - baseball, bowling, boxing, golf, and tennis. (www.nintendo.com)

5) Nintendo Wii Fit is another interactive video game that is sure to please. As with Wii Sports, Wii Fit focuses on interactive involvement for the video gamer. The exercise game uses the Wii Balance Board peripheral and features approximately 40 different activites. (www.nintendo.com)

6) Consider the Super Mom and what will honor what she does. The Precious Moments collection Mother's Little Gems Personalized Birthstone Charm Bracelet is something that will warm mom's heart all through the year. (www.gifts.com)

7) Audiovox Digital In-Home Message Center will put mom's favorite memories right up front. The frame features an adjustable camera for video messages and an internal microphone for digital voice messages. (www.gifts.com)

8) For Dad, Tools are a No-Brainer. The BodyGard 7-in-1 Emergency Tool is the ultimate in auto safety devices. Here are all the tools you need when you're in a jam, set in a lightweight micro-design holder. It attaches to key rings and glows in the dark. (www.gifts.com)

9) The Golf Club Drink Dispenser will make Dad anxious to get out on the links. Whether it's the Front Nine, the Back Nine or all 18 holes, dad will never be thirsty with this battery-operated 54oz. beverage dispenser. (www.gifts.com)

10) Dad can set up his office anywhere with the Rolling Laptop Caddy. This rolling workstation is sure to make things easier for dad around the house. It's adjustable so he can work and enjoy the game at the same time. (www.gifts.com)

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