Dec 2, 2008

Holiday Diet Plan?

I really do love this time of year but I hate all the temptation that comes with it. How many pot lucks can one go to without gaining ten pounds? I am down 50 lbs and would really like to keep it off and continue to lose.

Here are my weight loss journey photos. I would like to lose about 20 more before we leave our Hawaii vacation in January. My long term goal is to lose about 60 more. It would be nice to do it before next summer! I


Jay said...

Congrats on your weight loss! I too lost 50lb this past year, it feels great! Keep it up. :)

royce said...

You look awesome! Congrats! I'm down 82 lbs and I want to lose 30-50 more. I love your blog. I'm bookmarking it! :]

<3 royce

Jen Thomas said...

Crystal- I first saw you on, and I just have to say how great you look! It is motivating me! I have to lose 65 lbs!!

~Jen (was jenja on

Crystal Lampe said...

Good luck in your weight loss too. You can do it!