Mar 18, 2009

Ways to cut cost

1. Slow Down-

Driving 55 mph burns 15 percent less gas per mile than driving 65. The typical driver can save $135 a year this way.

2. Cook at home often-

3. Take your lunch to work -

4. Make a list before going shopping -

Getting all that you need in one trip can help avoid another unnecessary trip and temptation.

5. Buy in bulk

6. Use grocery store bags to line trash cans

7. Instead of buying books, borrow books from the library

8. Ride your bike or carpool whenever possible

9. Never pay a pro.

Excahnge work with friends who know how to do the job. You just might have a skill they are looking for.

10. Quit smoking

Save $5 a day -- or about $1,800 a year

11. Buy used

12.Collect coupons and follow the weekly sales at the grocery store

13. Kick the bottled water habit

14. Get your ink cartridges refilled

15. Forget Cable! Watch cable television through your computer via the net

16. Pay bills before they are due. Avoid late fees

17. Turn off the lights whne you are not in a room and use low energy light bulbs

18. Hang your clothes out to dry. The dryer eats up energy.

19. Buy energy efficient appliances.

20. Plant a Garden

21. Resist impulse buying

22. Cut back on the junk food and soda

More to come....

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Jenni said...

they're all great! =-)