Apr 8, 2009

Tissue Paper Eggs- Easter Craft

Easter is almost here but you still have time to do this simple craft. My kids really enjoyed making these.

You will need-
Tissue Paper
Wax Paper

Getting Started-
Tear or glue tissue paper into irregular 1" pieces.
Blow up your balloons and tie them.
Mix glue half and half with water
Cover the work area with wax paper

Place overlapping pieces of tissue paper over the balloon. Cover with a coat of the glue solution over tissue paper. Continue until entire balloon has about 4-5 layers of tissue.

Hang from strings to dry. I tie the string on to the end of the balloon, the tied part.

Let dry about 24 hours or until dry.
When dry cut a hole in the egg and remove the balloon.

Fill with grass and candy.

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