May 5, 2009

It's not delivery it's Schwans

I'm normally not a big fan of frozen pizza but this pizza is absolutely awesome. I love that is comes with its own tray to cook it on in the oven and the precut slices there is no mess and no waste. This is ONE of our favorites. It was even better than pizza you would buy from a chain pizza restaurant and at a fraction of the cost at only 7.39 each. They come in Pepperoni and and six cheese and they get delivered right to your door.


Heidi said...

Schwans pizza is great! I can't afford to buy a lot of there stuff (like their meats), but I do often buy the pizza, ice cream and fries. Last year I served the chocolate ice cream cake that looks like it had oreos on it for my daughters birthday. It was under $10 and the year before i ordered her an ice cream cake and paid almost 30. The schwans one was great too!

Crystal Lampe said...

We just had the ice cream cake for my daughter's birthday on monday. It is much more affordable than Dairy Queen's ice cream cakes.