Jun 8, 2009

Swiffer WetJet Product Review

I purchased the All-In-One Swifter WetJet Starter Kit

The package contained 1 Power Mop, 2 disposable cleaning pads, 1 500 mL bottle multi-purpose cleaning solution, 1 scrubbing strip. This part cost about $30.
I also purchased an extra box of 12 pads and 4 AA batteries to run it.
According to the manufacturer-
The Swiffer WetJet Power Mop is an all-in-one mopping system that thoroughly cleans dirty floors quickly and easily. It is lightweight with a flexible swivel head that gets into hard-to-reach places. The push-button sprayer evenly distributes the pre-mixed cleaning solution which dissolves tough, greasy stains and sticky dirt. The disposable cleaning pads then pull in and trap the dirt, grime, hair and dirty water to keep it off your floors. Features a scrubbing strip on one side of the mop head for cleaning tough spots. Safe on virtually all floors, including finished wood.
I swept my floor first and went over it with my Dyson to get up all the loose dirt before using it.
*The WetJet is very convenient to use. I love the fact that you don't have to fill a bucket of water and lug it around with you to mop.
*It is faster than mopping. I can knock out my bathroom in minutes.
*It fits around toilets well.
* Solution left my floor streaky, dull floor.
* I have very high traffic floors! One bottle of solution was not enough to do my dinning room and kitchen. It even took 2 pads! That means it cost over $7 each time I mop them.
* You have to go over the floor several times to get it clean.
* The handle is way to short for taller people. It makes my back hurt.
* The smell of the cleaning solution is way too strong.
Don't waste your money! I think you would be better off duct taping maxi pads to your feet and skating around the floor.
I refuse to buy any more solution to refill it. I am going to try to pry open the bottle and refill it just to use the other pads up. I know some people just love their Swifter WetJet but I am not one of them!
For now it has become a
Cat Toy!


Jenni said...

I use the Clorox ReadyMop- which is similar, except it doesn't suck =-) The solution works great, smells fine, and the pads hold a lot of mess. You know how tiny our place is- but one pad can clean my kitchen, bathroom, and entry-way =-) PLUS- the bottle unscrews normally, so I am gonna try filling it with regular cleaner one of these days. Ooo...I should do a post on it! =-)

Jenni said...

Oh...and I dunno about the handle...I'm short! :-P

Sarah said...

I love the maxi pad idea! I'm laughing out loud here.

Anonymous said...

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