Oct 23, 2009

What is in your purse? A Purse Review-

This is the photo from Avon's site. They explain it as --------An Avon exclusive! Go from messy…to neat! Everything has a place…and stays in place! No more digging to find your cell phone. No more searching for your lipstick. No more emptying your bag to find your keys. Organizer tote with five compartments for everything from your wallet to cosmetics. Vinyl. Fully lined, with zip pocket. Recessed zipper closure.
So I purchased one. It was $20 with a $15 purchase. I think that was a special for last month and I am not sure it is still active. You would have to check with your local Avon rep. So, on to my review.....

So here you have it...... this is what is currently in my purse. Can you tell I have kids? LOL
Look like a huge mess? I can tell you that it was in my old purse.
You have to see this to believe it.

* This purse has cool little divides in the bottom that hold your stuff. No more digging all over the place to find what you are looking for. This is the best part.

* The size is great. Not too large or small.

* On the downside it only comes in black. I wish they had more colors. I would own one of each.

Overall I would suggest this for anyone but especially anyone who carries a ton of stuff.

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Heidi said...

That is a nice looking purse. Does it look well made? I've had trouble with some clothing I've bought from avon looking very cheap.