Sep 17, 2010

Clothing Upcycle

I have been spending way too much time reading the blog A Dress A Day , For those who do not know it is about a girl who is making 365 clothing items in 365 days and only spending $365.

It inspired me to take a trip to the thrift store today. I found this cute size 5 dress for .25. It made a trip home with me.

After some seam ripping, cutting, sewing, and 30 minutes later-

She loves it! I think this might be something that I do more often.


Anonymous said...

Too Cute! I too am inspired by Marissa's blog. She's got a way about her!

Anonymous said...

I love the after! very nicely made and fab-u-licous.

Sarah said...

That's awesome. Man, I wish I could sew!