Sep 9, 2010


I really don't know what these are called or what I should call them.  (I thought about calling them "White Pizzas" but you know how unhealthy "white" things are... and I love them all!)  Anyway, if you guys know what they're called or come up with a good name I'll be happy to use that!

Turn on oven to 350 (I'm a preheat hater too - just do it!).  Line baking sheet with slices of french bread.  Spread ranch dressing over each of the slices.  Top with a few slices of deli sliced turkey then sliced tomatoes (nix on mine please) and finally with mozzarella cheese... as much as you like! Place the sheet in the oven and turn it off.  Wait about 10 minutes then serve warm. 

Goes GREAT with tomato soup (any soup, really) or fresh veggies.

Sorry, no pics because we ate them too fast!

These seemed a little to urban to try on my meat-n-taters hubby but I did it anyway.  He looked at his plate and said, "What am I about to eat?" I laughed and encouraged him to eat it without questions, after all, one of these days our kids will mimic his habits and reactions.  The next time I looked over he was on his last one and looked somewhat chipmunk-ish!  Needless to say he said he'd let me make them again - Yippee!

Let me know what you think on a name... =)

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