Oct 10, 2010

Concerning Cakes- A couple of tips.

The cake that I made for my Sister-In-Law for her 30th birthday this last weekend.

Tip #1 - Cakes that NEVER stick to the pan!

Mix together equal amounts of oil, crisco, and flour

Use a brush to coat your pans.

Your cakes will not stick.

This comes in very handy when you have lots of cakes to make.

Tip #2 Do not under mix your cake mix.

This photo shows a cake that is under mixed.

This cake shows a well mixed cake. It is light and fluffy and several shades lighter.

I use my stand mixer with the paddle attachment on a medium speed for 2 minutes.

1 comment:

twomonkeysmom said...

GREAT tips! I cant wait to try your pan coating!