Jun 4, 2011

Review of the Brownie Pops Silicone Mold from Wilton

The pan

Cost- about $10

The Wilton pan instructions say: "For best results, spray baking surface with non-stick spray" and "Place pan on cooling grid and cool completely....To remove baked goods, invert pan and apply gentle pressure to the bottom while gently peeling the pan away."

My result-

Needless to say I am not impressed. I am going to try again with another type of mix or homemade recipe. I might even try with a cake mix. Needless to say I am not impressed at this point!

1 comment:

JW said...

My sister used silicone trays and what a mess. The mix never ever comes out of the pan!
Would never use silicon. Stick ot the old trays. Although, can't find brownie pop trays (only in silicone). Won't even try them.