Aug 29, 2011

Our Weekly Menu- Cutting cost using coupons!

Most of my readers know that I started couponing awhile back. I usually do not make a weekly menu but this week is hectic so I did. I thought I would share my menu using items that I got couponing and the cost to feed my family of 5. If you would like me to break it down more as to how I came up with that figure just ask in the comments.
New - Velveeta Cheesy Skillet (free with coupon)
Fresh Veggie Salad
Green Beans
(cost for my family of 5- $5.50)
(Cheesy skillet was free, 1/2 lb hamburger was 1.50, fresh veggies from farmer's market was 2.00, dressing was .49 a bottle, green beans were .50 a can and we used 2 cans. That comes up to 4.99. The rest covers any small usage of butter, spices, or etc.)
Sausage Gravy
Scrambled Eggs
Turkey Bacon
(Cost of meal for my family of 5 - $6.00)
Baked Chicken Pasta
Cucumbers with Ranch
(cost of meal for my family of 5- $4.50)
Tuna Melts
Veggie Mac & Cheese (new from Kraft and very yummy)
(cost of meal for my family of 5- $3.00)
BBQ Pork Chops in the crock pot
Deviled Eggs
Steamed Carrots
(cost of this meal for my family of 5 - 4.00)
Beef Veggie Soup
(cost of meal for my family- $6.00)

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