May 15, 2012

Homemade Laundry Soap Recipe

I started with the Duggar Family laundry soap recipe and then tweaked it to work best for me.  You can fine the original recipe here.

What I do differently-

* I add 1 full cup of borax because we have very hard water.
* I add 1 bottle of Downy Unstoppables to the whole batch.  It makes it smell awesome!

We are on our 2nd 5 gallon bucket and we do not plan to buy laundry soap anytime soon.  We love this stuff!

Here is a how-to video-


Angela said...

I make my own Duggar detergent also and was was wondering if/and how much Downy Unstopables you could add for the fragrance. I experimented adding it to some of the detergent but I just added a little and it didn't smell strong enough. I guess adding the whole bottle to the entire 5 gallons will fix that!!!!! I will try that next time! Thanks!

Wilifred said...

Borax is a precipitating water softener. So if you unknowingly use it after a water main break, it can cause all of the gunk to precipitate out of the water onto your clothes.