Jul 7, 2012

Time Shares- Eat in or Eat Out?

Our family recently stayed at the Marriott's Desert Springs Villas II in Palm Desert. I thought it would be great to post about some thoughts that I have on timeshares.  This will be the first post of several.

One of the things that we love about timeshares is that most have full kitchen facilities with all the cooking utensils and grills a few feet away.  We have the option of whether to eat out or cook meals.  We like to do both.
Our Timeshare kitchen.

We went to the grocery store to get---

Breakfast foods for 6 days (milk, eggs, sausage,pancakes,orange juice, waffles, bread, bananas,and butter)

Food for 5 meals (a bag of chicken breast, pork chops, lettuce, pasta, pasta sauces, salad dressing, fresh salmon, french bread and some veggies)

Extras- ( some mini bottles of wine, oil, salad toppings,chips, dip, microwave popcorn, juices, waters, a big chocolate cake, coffee, sugar, and cream.)

We paid a total of about $150.00 for all of the above.

Breakfast for 5 - $30 a day for 6 days = 180.00
Meal out for 5- $40 each for 5 meals= 200.00
Total if we ate out all these meals= 380.00

Our first timeshare meal included grilled salmon, a salad, bread, chocolate cake, and wine.  The whole meal for 5 people was about $23 dollars. (Yes, it was cheap wine at $1 per mini bottle but that is just fine with me)

A tip to save even more- bring your spices from home.

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