Aug 22, 2012

Weight Loss and Fitness Update.

I have not posted much lately because I have spent my time with my children, working on my weight loss, and running a business

I plan to get back into the habit of blogging very soon, starting with a move to WordPress next month.

Here is my update photo.

The first photo was 2008, then 2010, 2011, and today.  I started at 258 and currently weigh 166.  I would like to lose about 15-20 more pounds total.

Want to know how I did it?

I cut back my calories to 1,500 a day at first and I am now down to 1,000 a day.  I also walk 3-5 miles every night before bed.  I plan to bump the exercise to take off the last 20 pounds. 

My next blog will be about my favorite treats that are lower calorie. 


Nikita said...


Melanie said...

This is so inspirational! I only need to lose about 20 pounds, and keep making excuses not to exercise. This makes me realize how lazy I really am! You rock girl!

Reasons To Skip The Housework

darkgypsy said...

This is so uplifting to me. To see someone That we know is real with real life issues to be able to do this. I would be very interested in your complete journey. I'm at about the same weight as you started and have fallen into a slump and desperately needed to see this. Being only 4'11 1/2" tall and used to being 145lbs all your adult life then gain so much weight, it is not a simple task. Thank you for sharing.