Feb 18, 2007

123 Decor Change

Do you like to change your decor often? How about your kids? are they always wanting to redo their room in the next big thing?
This is a easy way to decorate walls without painting.
You will need fabric, liquid starch, and a sponge. Liquid starch can be found in the laundry products section at your store. A popoular brand is StayFlo. It will cost you about $2 to $3.

Choose a fabric with a bold print that can be cut out. In this case I am using butterflies.

Pour a small amount of starch in a bowl and add your fabric. Get the fabric completely wet and squeeze out the excess. Put your fabric on the wall and smooth down with your finger. Use a paper towl or sponge to blot away the excess liquid.

These are really easy to remove. Just pull them off and wipe away the residue on the wall with a wet sponge. You can reuse them again and again. The picture shows them on tile but they work wonderful on walls also.

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Laurel said...

Could you tell me where you got the butterfly fabric you used? Or where a good place to look for something similar would be? Thanks, batesla2@gmail.com