Feb 9, 2007

Chocolate Mouse Made Easy

I get rave reviews everytime that I make this Chocolate Mouse. It is very simple and taste like it took all day!

You will need

1 pt heavy whipping cream

1 sm box of instant pudding. ( I like chocolate or white chocolate)

1/2 extract of your choice (optional)(Iused almond)


Pour the pint of whipping cream in a bowl and pour pudding mix on top. Always put your liquid in first when using pudding mix.

Mix for about 1 to 2 minutes on medium. When it gets thick and fluffy it is ready.

I like to serve mine in small cups. simply spoon some into a cup. Then top with whip cream if you like. I used Rediwhip.

Topping Ideas



Chocolate Syrup

I also use this as a filler between layers of cake.


Nicole Bandes said...

I might have to make this for V-day. Thanks for the idea!

Nicole said...

Wow! This sounds amazing. I might actually try to make this today. After all, chocolate and Valentines day go hand in hand...don't they?!?!?