Aug 28, 2007

Get ready for Christmas early this year

I am getting prepared for Christmas. Yes, I know it is only August but I like to get an early start. I am a big fan of Christmas Shopping all year. This allows me to spend the holiday enjoying my family instead of fighting holiday crowds.

1. Go ahead and request a list from your family or decide how you plan to do the exchange this year. You can buy for kids only, draw names, or bring one gift each and play a game.

2. Every time that you go shopping ask for a free gift box. Even if you do not need it now you can save them up to use at Christmas. If you do not have to buy them it saves you money.

3. Start buying small items to make gift baskets. I am a big fan of gift baskets. I already have a box full of items purchased to make gift baskets this Christmas. The possibilities are endless... but that is another blog.

4. Start sending after free samples. They make great stocking stuffers. It is best to start as early as possible to allow time to receive them.

5. Buy your Christmas cards. If you are like me you bought them last year right after Christmas when they were marked down 75%. If not get the bought now. Also get your list together of who you need to send one to.

6. If you plan to give homemade gifts get started making them.

7. If you have the pantry space start picking up a few things that you will need for cooking. You can buy things like canned pumpkin, condensed milk, vanilla, spices, and etc early. This way you do not have a huge grocery bill right before Christmas.


Rebecca said...

I've been starting my Christmas planning as well. We draw names in my family so that's been done and now I'm working on getting wish lists for the names I drew and starting to think of homemade gifts. Stocking up on things for gift baskets is a great idea.

Alexandria said...

Awesome awesome awesome ideas Crystal! Thanks so much!!