Sep 9, 2007

Wedding Cupcakes

There are a numerous amount of decisions to be made once a couple is engaged and finally has gotten around to planning the wedding. How many people are going to be invited? What are going to be the color combinations for the wedding party? The list goes on and on. One of the key decisions that needs to be made is what type of wedding cake to have. You could decide to go with the more traditional wedding cake. But why not try a unique cupcake wedding cake and make your wedding stand out from others?
Creative couples everywhere are turning to this creative cake idea in order to add a touch of flare to their receptions. This is a relatively modern idea that is gaining widespread popularity. Who would have ever thought that creating a wedding display entirely made from cupcakes would even be possible. Well, if done correctly, this idea can really turn out to be fun as well as elegant.
Creative brides are working with forward thinking bakers to create a "cake" made entirely of cupcakes. The tried-and-true birthday party standbys have zoomed in popularity in recent years, and fun new creations are being made everyday for the bride and groom. A display made entirely of individual, mini-size cakes is extremely versatile and can accommodate any theme, style, and color of wedding. Among the advantages of the cupcake wedding cake is the fact that you can choose several different flavors of cake. Some of your fist-sized cakes can be healthy, low sugar, or low fat, while others are the most decadent chocolate imaginable. You and your betrothed don't enjoy the same flavor? No problem. Have a dozen carrot, two dozen chocolate, a smattering of custard filled, and the remainder traditional white cake. The combinations are endless. Also, you can order all the cupcakes frosted in the same color, or let your imagination run wild with each cupcake a different color.
Picture the latest wedding movie you've seen. Of course there's a sight gag somewhere in the movie where someone falls into the cake, or the baker, while delivering the cake, drops it. With a cupcake creation, this scenario is all but impossible. The baker can bring all the cupcakes to the venue and assemble them right where they'll be displayed.
Finally, one of the key advantages to cupcake wedding cakes is the serving size. Because the desserts will be individually wrapped, there is no need to figure out whether you are cutting big enough pieces for you guests or not. There is no need to figure out how many layers you want and what type of cake layer filling or syrup to put on each layer. Your decisions will be extremely simplified and reduced to about three details. How many, what flavors and what type of icing? This makes life so much easier.

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