Oct 28, 2007

Stick Riding Reindeer

I am gearing up for the yearly Christmas Craft Fair that I have a booth at. Last year we sold corn heating bags, marshmallow guns, and homemade candy. This year I want to do something that is a little different.

I am making these cute little stick riding reindeer. here are a few pictures of them. I have not added the reins yet but will soon. I only have this one made and plan to get a few more done in the next week. I am not really sure how many I should make. I am hoping that with all the toy recalls people will be looking to buy toys made right here in America.


Rebecca said...

That is so cute! Depending on the size of crowd there will be at the fair I'd say making 15-20? But I've never done something like that before. You could print up some quick business cards or take a customer's info for an order if you run out of them - but keep one for showing what it is. Hope it goes well!

Alexandria said...

Thats super cute! I love the idea. Good luck with the fair!!