May 20, 2009

Solutions for small bathrooms

I love our house but it has small bathrooms. I have had to come up with some solutions for storage. Here are a few of the things that I have found that help.

I picked this small rolling cart up at an auction for $1. It works great to store things in. It stays in the bathtub unless we are using the tub. It is nice to be able to put it in the shower and shut the curtain.

When you have a small bathroom it is best to keep the counter top clear. Cluttered surfaces in a bathroom will make the bathroom appear much smaller than it actually is. I purchased a rack from Celebrating Home which used to be Home and Garden Party. I love it! It holds all the things that I do not want on my counter tops.
Here are some other tips for small bathrooms-
***Paint the walls a light color if you can. Light colored walls will make the room appear both brighter and larger.
***Install with a simple pedestal sink. Bulky cabinets make the bathroom look smaller.
*** Hang a large over sized mirror over the sink. Mirrors reflect light making it appear to have more space in that area.

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