Aug 5, 2009

Back to school 101-

It is that time again. The summer break is almost over and school will be back in session. Here are some tips to help you get organized, save money, and be ready for that first day back.

*Don't wait until the last minute to get your shopping done. Many stores will run out of the big sale items.

*Read the dress code for your school before you shop for clothing. There is nothing worse than spending money to find out that you child is not allowed to wear the clothing.

*Take advantage of end of the summer clearance racks! I was able to pick up shorts and matching shirts for $3 per set yesterday. Buy tee shirts and polos! Kids can layer a long sleeve shirt under them this winter.

*If your area has a tax free shopping day take advantage of it! Do your research and now exactly what falls under the tax free rules. Each state has set rules and guidelines and special conditions. Click here to see a list of tax free shipping dates for your state.

*Look for sales and shop at multiple stores for their sale items. Comparison shop to get the best deals. Look for coupons online and in the newspaper.

*Stock up on some things. You will be glad that you purchased 4 extra bottles of glue when your child needs some in October and the price went from .25 a bottle to 2.00.

*Sort through last year's supplies to see what is left over or can be reused. There is no sense in buying pencils if you have 20 left from last year that were never used.

*If you have not started already now is a good time to get them to bed early and up early. You will be glad you did not wait until 3 days before school starts to get them back in a bedtime routine.

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