Dec 30, 2010

Help me plan a vacation.... please!

I am trying to plan a vacation and could use some help.

#1- 4-5 days total

#2- Flying or driving is ok.

#3- I afor 1-2 hours total. m going alone

#4- I hate hotels. I leave when I wake up and do not like to go back until 10-12 pm and then straight to bed. The same goes for cabins and etc.

#5 I like to stay busy the whole day while gone.

#6- I do not love shopping.

#7- No spa type places!

#8 - Must be warm. Planning on going in Jan or Feb.

#9- The beach is ok for 2-3 hours total for the whole trip. I would go crazy if I had to spend all day laing on a blanket reading a book.

#10 Now can you see why I have to enlist help?!


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Snooglerat said...

Well Destin, FL is my favorite place in the whole world. The have a nice outdoor mall that's nice for walking and looking. Kiddie golf and things. The beach of course. Cool restaurants like Fudpucker's, Joe's Crab Shack, Hard Rock, etc... And this time of year it wont have any tourist traffic. Plus you could prob get a condo with a nice view for cheap right now. But it might be a bit farther than you would like to go. I like to go to Panama City to. The have a brand new pier and outdoor mall also, with different places to eat. Plus the have some kids stuff, like the go cart tracks and mini golf.