Feb 20, 2011

Where did all these dishes come from & a review!

I loaded the dishwasher yesterday at three pm. About 3:15 the floor started to flood. Arg, just what I need one day before I leave for vacation!

I asked my hubby to look at it and started piling the dishes in the sink. He finally got a chance to look at it a few minutes ago. The bad thing is that we are not going to be able to fix it until we return.

I just started the dishes. Look at how many! The bad thing is that we ate out last night and today at lunch. How in the world do we make so many dishes.

I think I need a maid!

While we are talking about dishes I wanted to tell you about-
Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap

This is the best dish soap ever!

* It is really tough on food and grease.
* Smells great
*It is the only dish soap that does not leave my hands cracked and hurting after doing lots of dishes.

This is the only dish soap I will ever buy.


Carol said...

That is the only dish soap I will use. If I use anything else my hands will be cracked and raw after one sink full. But with Dawn Renewal they are soft. And the dishes are clean.
Hope you get the dishwasher fixed soon. It is no fun doing dishes by hand.
And have fun on your trip. At least you won't have to worry about doing dishes for a few days!

SusieQTpies said...

Oh no! Hope you got it fixed!
Susie at Scraps of Life (I left a comment on your Amish Friendship Bread Post. It was real old and I'm not sure if you get notifications from those post! LMK!) I"m your newest GFC follower.