Jan 23, 2007

Homemade Sugar Scrub

Homemade Sugar Scrub!
Why spend alot of money on sugar scrub when you can make your own? It is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift.

Mix 1 c of granualted suagr with 1/2 c olive oil. Add 1 tsp of glycerin (and any ad ins you would like) and blend well.

I added orange oil and pink coloring.

Add to a jar and decorate if you choose.

Add Ins and more Tips
A few drops of viatmin E oil
Try brown sugar or half and half
Use salt
Add some essential oils to scent your scrub
(Try peppermint to relax or orange for energy)
Try grapeseed or sweet almond oil
Add some lemon and lemon zest
Food color


Alex said...

Wow, it looks really easy to make and the end result looks good enough to eat lol.

How well does it work on the skin? How would you use it (sorry, I've never used a sugar scrub before)? What are the benefits of a Sugar Scrub?

Crystal Lampe said...

Sugar scrub is good for hydrating skin and removing old skin cells. You gently rub in into the skin and rinse. Some like to just leave it like that but I like to use a body wash afterwards.