Jul 20, 2007

Back to work....

I took a nice month long vacation and visited my parents in Louisiana. It was a very nice trip but I am glad to be home. I was able to spend time with family and do some site seeing as well. Best of all was all that home cooked southren soul food. I did not realize how much I miss it. Look to hear some recipes for it in the future.

Our county fair is starting in two days and I will be entering several items. I will be entering a decorated cake and a bunt cake among other things. I will try to post some pictures and let my readers know how I placed.

Look for a picture tutorial on Peach and Blackberry Cobbler coming in the next few days. :)

Missed you all.......

Suzie. :)

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures! Good luck!