Jul 22, 2007

A cake fit for a fairy.

This cake was done for a 4 yr old having a fairy birthday party. She requested a fairy wand cake.

The star was make using the scraps from when I trimmed the cake. I trimmed the top then layed it flat and used a star cookie cutter to cut out several star shaped pieces of cake. I layered them with buttercream between each layer. They were then covered using purple icing and the star tip. The fairy wand handle was made using a schikabob stick wraped in ribbon. I used hot glue to glue the ribbon down to the stick.

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Rebecca said...

What a cute blog and great ideas, I thought you might like to see these ideas I found on sk*rt.com the other day. Also an idea for a kids birthday party. My grandma and later my mom would do this and it was so much fun I look forward to doing it with my kids. You take ice-cream cones & fill them 1/3 or so {may need to experiment to see for sure} with cupcake batter, pop them in the oven and when the filling rises it looks like a scoop of ice-cream. Top with icing, sprinkles & a cherry {or gum ball} and it looks like an ice-cream cone but it's a cupcake. Those baby shower cupcakes were so cute, esp the one with the pacifier.