Dec 29, 2007

One busy Suzie

My holiday season was spent running my businesses. I managed to have the highest month in sales in both of them this month and it is not even over. My cookie business was kicked off with a request to make 45 dozen cookies. That quickly turned into 71 dozen. My husband and I spent several hours every night baking and decorating. I am not sure what I would have done without him.

Things should slow down a little until February when I have to make 500-1,000 cookies for Valentine's Day. I should have a little more time to blog. I sure have missed it lately.

Here is a couple of pictures of the Decorated Sugar Cookies that I made for a open house. We made between several dozen a day for two weeks straight.


Rebecca said...

You are a hard workin chick! (with a hard workin hubby) So sweet of him to help you out. It's great that your business is kicking off, hope things continue to go well!

Alexandria said...

Holy crap all mighty. I wouldn't have had the patience at all for that. Congrats on having a successful month for both your businesses! That's wonderful news.